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Your app’s Customer page offers a detailed and organized view of your entire customer base. This interface allows you to see each customer’s journey, from initial engagement to current status.

Here, you can sort and categorize customers based on various criteria, such as the app plan they’re on, their billing cycle, and their lifetime value (LTV) to your business.

You can segment your customers into specific cohorts or view them individually, with the ability to access a broad range of data points.

The page is designed for ease of use, with quick filters for Active, Churned, or Uninstalled customers, making it simple to manage and understand the different segments of your user base.

Whether you’re looking to identify upsell opportunities, monitor churn rates, or simply get a snapshot of your customer demographics, this comprehensive view ensures that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. It’s an essential tool for maintaining a successful and responsive customer engagement strategy.

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