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Mantle dashboard showing example MRR and Payout data


From off the shelf reporting, to full subscription management

Mantle Insight

Detailed revenue reporting and insights

Powerful revenue insights

See your revenue in a new light, with deep insights into plans, subscriptions, and customers.

No code required, get started in seconds

Connect platforms such as Shopify and Stripe to Mantle in just a few clicks, with zero code.

Your data is 100% private and secure

Mantle does not use or sell your data for any reason – period. Check out our privacy policy for full details.

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Mantle Integrated

Dynamic plans embedded in your app

Embed plans dynamically

Mantle handles bundles, discounts, and customer-specific pricing to show the right plan at the right time.

Simple one-time setup

Mantle's developer-friendly SDK makes integration a snap. Our fast-and-friendly support team is here if you need it.

UI components for plan pages

Mantle offers beautiful pre-built UI components for your plan pages using Shopify Polaris.

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Empower your business + employees

Run your software business more efficiently

Mantle saves your business valuable time, freeing up resources to focus on more important things. Whether you’re a team of hundreds or a solo-prenuer, Mantle helps you run a better business.



Keep track of your app's revenue and growth metrics in one place. From high-level, down to nitty-gritty details, Mantle gives you the insights you need.

Customer success

Customer success

Give your team the tools to manage customer billing and entitlements. Mantle lets you create, change, and customize plans in a few clicks.



Build platform billing integrations seamlessly. Mantle SDKs let you quickly connect your app to major billing gateways and get back to building great products.

Design and UX

Design and UX

Create beautiful plan pages effortlessly. Mantle comes with tried and tested drop-in components powered by Polaris and Tailwind CSS.

Sales and BD

Sales and BD

Automate bundle pricing and structure MSAs for bigger deals and non-app services without the toil and setup overhead.

... and more!

... and more!

Mantle is designed to save your business time and resources at every step of the way. We're always adding new features to help you grow.


Mantle connects with your favorite platforms and tools

Mantle is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows. Let us know if you want to integrate with a platform or tool you don’t see listed.



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Frequently asked questions

What is Mantle?

Mantle is a revenue operations platform for SaaS companies. We help you manage your app's billing and entitlements, and give you the tools to grow your business.

How does Mantle work?

Once you've signed up for Mantle, you can connect your apps from Shopify or Stripe. Mantle will automatically pull in your app's billing, plans, and customer data.

Do I need a developer to use Mantle?

No. You can use Mantle Insight without any code, which lets you see your app's revenue and growth metrics. Mantle Integrated does require a developer to install, but we provide SDKs, documentation, and fast support to make it easy.

How is MTR calculated?

MTR is only calculated if you are using Mantle Integrated. MTR is calculated as a percentage of your app's monthly revenue.

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Mantle Applet displaying a business' MRR on a Tidbyt Device

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Track revenue metrics on your free Tidbyt ($179 USD value) when you commit to three months on any paid plan.

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