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July 16 2024

Last 30 days of revenue

See the amount of subscription and usage-based revenue your customers have created from the past 30 days on the customer page and on customer lists

July 11 2024

Churn risk

Each app a customer has installed is given a prediction for whether they will churn in the next X weeks or not

July 8 2024

Multi-currency support for react billing components and hosted billing

Using our pre-built react components to show subscription info and available plans to customers in your app will now show amounts in their preferred currency to be consistent with the charge authorization page

July 4 2024

Last selected segment is now remembered

Whenever visiting the customer list, the last used segment is automatically selected to allow you to pick up where you last left off

July 1 2024

End-of-period subscription cancel option

As a huge merchant experience improvement, you can now enable the option in Mantle to keep a subscription active after the merchant cancels it in Shopify, until the billing period is over.

July 1 2024

Install / uninstall webhooks on App API

You can now listen for install, uninstall, reinstall, deactivate, and reactivate webhooks on the Mantle App API.

June 28 2024

Option to not roll-over remaining usage charges to next month

If usage cap is reached, normally Mantle will roll those pending charges to the following month. There's now an option to waive any charges higher than the cap.

June 17 2024

Flex billing

Unlock auto plan upgrades, usage thresholds, seamless plan changes, flexible billing cycle and proration rules with flex billing using usage charges to manage monthly subscriptions.

June 16 2024

Export transactions grouped by customer

Total transaction amounts can be exported by customer, grouped by month, and will include city, state and country, if available

June 14 2024

Affiliate payout processing state

Mark manual affiliate payouts as processing so they're in a locked state so the amount does not change while you're making the payment happen

June 14 2024

Global journal entries

You can now add journal entries that apply to all apps in your organization

June 14 2024

Last 30 days revenue field for Hubspot

A last 30 days of revenue field for each customer is now available on each Hubspot contact

June 14 2024

Usage charge trends report

Get an overview of your highest paying customers by aggregate usage charges, as well as broken down by various time periods and compared to previous periods

June 12 2024

Track SASI search terms in Mantle

You can now save and view search term performance for searches found in SASI directly in Mantle from the SASI reporting page

June 10 2024

Manually create customers

Ability to manually create customers in Mantle before they exist in Shopify or Stripe

June 10 2024

Bulk import customer tags

Import CSV of customer tags

June 10 2024

Hidden plans

Plans can now be available to customers but marked as hidden

June 10 2024

Bulk update customer tags via CSV import

You can now bulk set or add tags to customers using the import customer modal from the customers list

June 9 2024

Improved team permissions

Team members can now be designated as Admin, Staff, Customer Support and Sales to restrict what they can do and see within Mantle

June 8 2024

Segment integration - use custom field for userId

Option to Segment integration to use a custom field in Mantle as the Segment userId value so you can more easily match on your customer data struture

June 8 2024

App option to reset usage limit when a customer upgrades/downgrades their plan

When a customer upgrades or downgrades their plan, usage does not normally reset, added option to reset any usage counters when a subscription change happens

June 7 2024

First-time identify webhook

Added webhook that's trigger the first time a customer is identified with the Mantle App API

June 7 2024

Trial expired customer event and webhook

Customer timeline now has a trial expired event and you can subscribe to webhooks for the event.

June 7 2024


Group customers under one parent company so you can view aggregate revenue data and eventually share billing details and subscriptions between related customers

June 6 2024

AI Assistant can now provide context on the current customer

When viewing a customer, the AI Assistant can now answer questions about the current customer and their timeline of events.

June 5 2024

App API usage reports endpoint improvements

Improvements to usage reports endpoint to return more structured report data and better customer filtering

May 29 2024

Discord integration

Similar to Slack and email notifications, Mantle users can now enjoy notifications to any Discord guild(s) that they are an owner of!

May 29 2024

MRR growth rates

Added a new report to visualize your MRR growth rate over a specified time period

May 28 2024

Added export to payouts report

Export your list of customers with payment amounts and billing statuses that have contributed to a specific Shopify payout period

May 24 2024

Payout customer list

Surfaced a customer list which includes payment amount and billing statuses for a particular Shopify payout period

May 22 2024

SASI reporting for your apps

Some SASI report data is now available within Mantle! View category position history, App Store ratings and review counts from your SASI report

May 19 2024

Affiliate reporting

We're now surfacing important metrics related to your affiliate programs, such as top affiliates by attributed revenue and total commissions paid over a time period

May 17 2024

Mantle AI assistant beta

Ask various questions to Mantle AI. For example, questions like "what is ARPU?" or asking for information about a chart displayed on the screen, such as "what trends do you see in my churn rate?"

May 16 2024

Added export to usage charge report

Export your list of usage and one-time charges, either by individual items or grouped by customer

May 10 2024

List all usage and one-time charges

Charges (usage and one-time) can now be grouped by billing status and type as well as be viewed as a filterable list on the Charges report

May 10 2024

One-time charge events in funnel report

You can now include one-time charge events in a funnel analysis

May 9 2024

Automatically normalize charge currency

When a customer is billed in their preferred currency, Mantle will now normalize the amount to USD to ensure reporting consistency

May 8 2024

Subscription discounts now sync automatically

App subscription discounts will now be pulled automatically from Shopify for merchants who have been identified to Mantle using the API

May 7 2024

Support multiple BigQuery connections

Connect multiple Google Analytics BigQuery projects to Mantle

May 7 2024

Create app changelogs and fetch them with the Mantle API

Users can now create changelog entries for their app(s) in the Mantle admin and expose those changelogs as RSS or JSON feeds on their own website using the Mantle API! You're actually reading a Mantle changelog right now 😎

May 7 2024

Compare two funnels

Users can now compare two funnels to each other, either by specific date ranges or to a specific customer segment

May 6 2024

Merge plans

If you have a lot of duplicate plans, you can use the merge feature to clean them up

May 4 2024

Hourly intervals on reports with "Today" date range

Break reporting metrics down to the hour when viewing reports with the "Today" date range selected.

May 3 2024

Added a minimum plan price option for affiliate commissions

You now have the option to only pay affiliate commissions when a customer subscribes to a plan of a certain price or higher

May 3 2024

Customize affiliate sign-up page based on custom group

You can now apply custom CSS to the affiliate join/signup page based on the affiliate group

May 3 2024

Toggle between relative/absolute change on charts

Switch between the relative change over a period to the absolute change over a period by clicking on the %-change field in the top-right of most charts

May 2 2024

Added "has active test subscription" customer list filter

Filter the customer list on whether or not customers have an active test subscription, for example if you use this for development shops, or to provide temporary discounts, etc

May 1 2024

Lifetime discounts are now reflected in the Mantle reports

Lifetime applied discounts are now included in relevant reports such as MRR, revenue churn, etc

April 29 2024

Manually add missing lifetime discounts to subscriptions

Users can now manually backfill lifetime discounts on active subscriptions by creating a discount in Mantle and then applying it using the "Manage reporting" model in the customer detail

April 27 2024

Multiple Shopify Partner accounts in a single Mantle org

Mantle users can now connect any number of Shopify Partner organizations to a single Mantle organization

April 27 2024

Support for Shopify Themes

Adding Shopify Partner client credentials for a Shopify Partner account with theme sales will now create a new "Theme" app type and sync your historial theme sales for visibility within reports

April 26 2024

Transfer apps between Mantle organizations

Added the ability to transfer applications between Mantle organizations, to retain historical data and settings when selling/acquiring Shopify apps from other Mantle users

April 24 2024

Save custom report filters

You can now save your favorite report filters for later use. Report filters are currently scoped to each report type per organization

April 19 2024

Notifications for activated one-time charges

Send emails and Slack notifications, as well as register webhooks for newly-created one-time charges.

April 19 2024

Affiliate payout / invoice export

Affiliates and partners can export a detailed invoice PDF of individual payouts once they're marked as requested or paid.

April 18 2024

Email notifications

Added email option for notifications of app activity, subscription, and affiliate events.

April 18 2024

Create one-time charges

Mantle Integrated users can now create one-time charges for specific merchants and send them a confirmation URL to accept the charge

April 17 2024

Affiliate event Slack notifications

Added Slack notifications options for affiliate events

April 16 2024

Affiliate payout request

Affiliates can send a request for payment for any pending payout through their affiliate dashboard

April 15 2024

Affiliate payouts export

Export the payouts list to a CSV file

April 14 2024

Improved retention reports

Added subscription retention cohort tables and the ability to view past years of data, in addition to the previous 12 month period.

April 13 2024

Ad campaigns in Traffic Sources report

View performance of Google Ad campaigns in the traffic sources report.

April 9 2024

Billing cycle report (beta)

View a timeline of your customer's upcoming billing periods and the relationship between your app's billing cycle and Shopify billing cycles.

April 4 2024

Most recent subscriptions list

You can now view the most recent subscription for each of your customers and their current billing status, such as trial information and data about when they churned.

April 3 2024

Surface type, detail, and positions added to traffic source report and customers insights

Gain more insight into your app listing traffic with more details of how they reached your listing, such as search ranking when they clicked, category they came from, competitor pages, etc.

March 23 2024

Abandoned charges in funnel report and customer list filter

See how many customers go to the charge authorization page and abandoned it without subscribing, even drill down and see which customers have abandoned and export that list for marketing purposes.

March 23 2024

Quick start guide and sample Shopify App

Use our newly released guide and sample app to gain a better understanding of how simple it is to integrate a Shopify application with Mantle. Our sample app uses the latest Shopify CLI Remix template.

March 22 2024

NPM packages @heymantle/client, @heymantle/react, and @heymantle/polaris

Get started with Mantle more quickly by using our new/updated JavaScript libraries, @heymantle/client, @heymantle/react, and @heymantle/polaris.

March 22 2024

Updates to customer list

Change which columns are visible on the customer list page. You can now also add custom field columns to the customer list, include them in CSV exports, and filter by them.

March 19 2024

Send custom Slack notifications when usage events are triggered

You can now add specific usage events to Slack rule sets and send a message to specified channels when usage events are triggered.

March 18 2024

Added "closed shop" to uninstall reasons

You can now view lost revenue and other metrics which are attributed to customers who have closed their shop. Added as a pivot in Mantle Insights.

March 17 2024

Sales commissions beta

Add "sales" users to customers in your organization. Track revenue, view reports and create payouts to track performance of your sales team and make sure they get paid.

March 12 2024

Affiliate migration from Shoffi

Easily migrate your affiliates, their referrals, and even payment history from your Shoffi account to Mantle Affiliates.

March 8 2024

New heymantle.com

Launched a new website with an overview of Mantle's core features and pre-built components you can use in your own apps.

March 8 2024

Traffic sources report

Users who have connected GA4 + BigQuery can now view details about exactly where their App Store traffic is coming from and how it converts. Pivot on source, medium, search term, referrer and page type.

March 5 2024

Traffic insights

Added pivots on traffic source to Mantle Insights. Pivot on paramters such as visitor language, referrer and more!

March 1 2024

Updated API reference

Overhauled Mantle API reference with more consistent layout, detailed information about each endpoint and it's parameters, better sample responses.

February 28 2024

Trial extensions

Mantle Integrated customers can now extend trials for their customers from the customer detail page.

February 23 2024

Customer timeline comments

Post comments and upload files relevant to your customers.

February 21 2024

LTV, ARPU, subscription churn reports

Added new reporting pages related to subscriptions.

February 19 2024

Usage event report

Mantle Integrated customers can now view usage event reports to track user behavior.

February 16 2024

HubSpot integration beta

Push Mantle data directly to HubSpot.

February 10 2024

New dashboard

Shipped a new home/dashboard with more charts and higher data density.

January 26 2024

Feature entitlement overrides

Mantle Integrated users may now create feature entitlement overrides for individual customers.

January 25 2024

Affiliate webhooks

Listen for event webhooks related to Mantle Affiliates

January 19 2024

Affiliate referral claims

Manually add referrals to affiliates.

January 14 2024

Custom CSS + HTML on Mantle Affiliate signup

Leverage HTML and CSS in your branded Mantle Affiliate signup page

January 14 2024

Notification rule sets

Create and configure multiple rule sets to send Slack notifications and webhooks to different destinations

January 12 2024

Create usage credits with API

Mantle Integrated customers can now create usage credits with the Mantle App API

January 2 2024

Activity report

Added a report to show active user growth over time as well as individual activity related events such as installs, reinstalls, etc.

December 20 2023


Launched a beta version of Affiliates which allows you to set up your own affiliate programs.

December 15 2023

Custom funnel events

Customizable events in marketing funnels for detailed tracking and analysis.

December 12 2023

BigQuery integration

Enhances data analysis and processing capabilities with Google's BigQuery integration.

December 7 2023

Churn report

Detailed report feature analyzing customer churn rates.

December 6 2023

Funnel report

New report type focusing on sales funnel performance and customer journey analysis.

November 22 2023

Customer insights

Enhanced analysis of customer behavior and preferences.

November 9 2023

Shop industry

Insights and data specific to different retail and e-commerce industries.

October 14 2023

Customer segments

Tool for segmenting customers based on criteria to tailor strategies.

September 28 2023

App API webhooks

New API webhooks for integration with third-party apps and services.

September 20 2023

Uninstall report

Analyzes data on app uninstallations to understand customer churn.

September 18 2023

Trial conversions report

Reporting on trial user conversion rates to paid subscribers.

September 14 2023

Tidbyt app

Launch of integration with Tidbyt app for innovative display solutions.

September 14 2023

Smiirl app

Integration with Smiirl app for enhanced user engagement and real-time data visualization.

August 27 2023

Payout summaries + projections

Report feature for detailed summaries and future projections of payouts.

July 22 2023

Slack daily updates

Integration with Slack for daily updates and notifications within the platform.

July 20 2023

Usage events

Tracking and reporting on specific user actions and events in the application.

July 12 2023

Custom customer fields

Allows adding custom fields in customer profiles for better data management.

July 5 2023

Revenue report

New report focusing on detailed revenue analysis and trends.

June 30 2023

Identify endpoint

API endpoint for identifying users to enhance data collection and management.

June 25 2023

View MRR/LTV by plan

Feature to analyze monthly recurring revenue and lifetime value by subscription plans.

June 22 2023

Customer timeline

Timeline view of customers' interaction and transaction history.

June 18 2023

App review and link on customer page

Section for app reviews and links on the customer information page.

June 16 2023

App billing API

New API for efficient management of app billing processes.

June 8 2023

MRR report

Report dedicated to tracking and analyzing monthly recurring revenue.

January 5 2023


Comprehensive reporting tool for tracking daily business activities and transactions.

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