Docs Welcome to Mantle

Welcome to Mantle

In today’s app ecosystem, efficient management and a clear understanding of your business is paramount. That’s where Mantle comes in.

Mantle dashboard

Mantle adds significant value to your operations:

Focused analytics

Data alone can be overwhelming. Mantle’s analytics tools distill that data, providing you with meaningful insights about your business. This helps in making informed decisions, based on a comprehensive understanding of your app’s performance and user trends.

Billing and subscription management

Handling billing and subscriptions can be complex. With Mantle, you can integrate these workflows directly into your app. Whether you’re adjusting pricing models, offering promotions, or creating feature-specific plans, Mantle makes the process much more manageable.

Streamlined business operations

One of the standout advantages of Mantle is the foresight it offers. After the initial integration, much of the heavy lifting that typically requires developer intervention shifts to become operational tasks. This means that as your billing and subscription needs evolve, operators can manage changes directly through Mantle, without constantly involving developers. It’s not just about ease; it’s about efficiency and adaptability.

As you explore these documents, you’ll gain deeper insights into how Mantle can assist in the various facets of your business. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency and intuitiveness of your app’s business operations.

Let’s get started.