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Connect Shopify partner account

Once your organization is created, connecting Mantle to other platforms such as Shopify is the next recommended step of the account creation flow. If you’ve made it beyond that without connecting, you can return to this step through Settings in the bottom left corner of your Mantle admin.

Shopify Billing

When ready, select Shopify and you’ll be asked to provide the Partner ID and the access token for a Partner API client (that you will have to create in the Shopify partner dashboard).

Animation showing partner client

Your Partner ID can be found on the Partner account settings page when signed into the Shopify Partner dashboard, as seen in the below screenshot:

partner id screenshot

To create a Partner API client, navigate to settings and select Manage Partner API clients under the section called Partner API clients near the bottom. Select Create API client. Give your client a name and tick the View financials and Manage apps permissions and then click Save.

Provide the generated access token to Mantle, and then complete the connection by clicking Connect to Shopify. Mantle will immediately get to work by syncing the data from your Partner account. Depending on the scale of your business, this can take several minutes. For example, a partner with 3-4 years of app events can take anywhere from 20-25 minutes (or longer) to sync.

generate partner api client

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