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Invite and manage your team

On your Team page, you can easily onboard new members to your organization, customize their roles to match your operational needs, and manage their access to critical organizational data, as well as oversee how your team members earn commissions from your customers.

Team members

The team members page is where you’ll invite and manage all of the members in your organization.

Click Invite user:

Add user button

select a team member’s role and send them an invite to your organization:

Add user

From here you’ll be able to adjust their title, their role in your organization and if they earn sales commission - more on this below.

Roles you can choose:

  • Admin: Access to all Mantle features and data.

  • Staff and Sales: Focused access to customers, plans, discounts, and reviews. Vital app data is accessible but kept secure.

To remove a team member from your organization, simply click on the user, and click Remove from organization:

Remove user from organization

Sales commissions

To manage and allocate sales commissions for your team members, begin by navigating to Sales tracking on the Team page and setting your payout windows and rules:

Sales tracking settings

You can then activate the sales commission feature for an individual’s account. This can be done by navigating to their account details and selecting the This user receives a sales commission option, or by marking this option when extending a new account invitation:

Enable team member sales commissions

You will have the flexibility to specify the commission percentage for the team member, as well as define the length of billing cycles applicable.

Linking team members with customers

After setting up the commission settings for your team member, the next step involves assigning them as the account owner for specific customers.

To associate a team member with a customer, navigate to the Customers section. Here, select the customer intended for association, and proceed to the Account owners section located at the bottom left.

Click on Manage to initiate the association:

Manage account owner button

Here you can appoint the team member as the owner, enabling them to earn commissions from that particular customer. This also provides an opportunity to review and, if necessary, adjust the commission settings:

Manage account owner

To see team member commissions as they accrue, explore Mantle’s Sales Commissions Report.