A payout consolidates all pending commissions, preparing them for disbursement to the affiliate, whether manually or via PayPal, at a chosen time.

Payout settings

To configure your affiliate payout settings, navigate to Affiliates -> Payouts and select the Settings button.

Affiliate payouts settings button

From here you can adjust your settings:

Affiliate payouts settings

Payout generation:

  • Automatic: Automatically roll up commissions at the end of each month in a pending payout, awaiting approval and payment.
  • Manual: Manually generate payouts.

Additional settings:

  • Minimum payment amount: Establish a minimum payment amount; commissions will accumulate until this threshold is reached before rolling up into a payout.

  • Start payout numbers at: Customize your starting payout number to organize and track payouts more efficiently, such as beginning from #1000.

Connect your PayPal account:

Link your PayPal account to facilitate commission disbursements directly through Mantle. See more below.

Generating payouts

If you have payouts set to automatically roll up, you will see payouts generated at the end of each month in a pending payout, awaiting approval and payment.

If you’re generating payments manually, head to your affiliate program dashboard and from there, locate the affiliate you’d like to generate a payout for:

Select affiliate

and select Generate payout located at the top right of their information screen:

Generate affiliate payouts

By selecting Generate payouts, Mantle will initiate the payment record process, reflecting this action in both your Payouts section and on the affiliate’s portal, making the transaction visible to both parties.

Review the payouts modal and if the information is correct, click Generate payout:

affiliate payouts

After generating payouts, navigate to the Payouts tab to examine them:

affiliate payouts

Paying your affiliates manually

To pay your affiliates manually and mark a payout as paid, select Mark as paid on the payout:

affiliate payouts mark as paid

Confirm and label them as paid prior to disbursing funds via your chosen payment method:

affiliate payouts mark as paid

Paying with PayPal

After enabling Payouts in your PayPal account and linking it to your Mantle affiliates account, you can initiate affiliate payouts directly within Mantle by selecting Pay with PayPal:

Pay with PayPal button

Next, you’ll need to verify that the payment is being sent to your linked PayPal account for processing:

Pay with PayPal confirmation

Following this, a screen displaying the payout’s status will appear as the API call is made to PayPal to process the payment:

Pay with PayPal button

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