Slack integration

Integrate Mantle with your Slack organization so you never miss out on essential updates. With the Mantle x Slack integration, you can stay up to date with notifications encompassing a wide range of events:

slack bot example
App ActivitiesCustomer installed app
Customer uninstalled app
Customer reinstalled app
Shop deactivated
Shop reactivated
Customer reviewed app
Subscription ActivitiesCustomer subscribed to a plan
Customer unsubscribed from a plan
Customer upgraded their plan
Customer downgraded their plan
Customer resubscribed to a plan
Subscription frozen
Subscription unfrozen
Usage MonitoringApproaching capped usage limit
Capped amount updated
Usage charge exceeds the limit
Other ActivitiesComment added to customer timeline
Daily reports

Connect to Slack

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations, and look for the Slack section.
  2. Click the Connect button adjacent to the Slack icon.
  3. A pop-up titled Slack integration will appear.
  4. Click the Add to Slack button within the pop-up or click here: Add to Slack
  5. You’ll be redirected to Slack’s authorization page. Follow the on-screen prompts to grant the necessary permissions.

After connecting Slack:

You can now create notification rule sets using Slack as a destination.

For those looking to further enrich their data, you can also connect with Segment to send your data to Mantle, or your Mantle data to Segment.