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Affiliate’s portal

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Each of your affiliates has access to a personalized portal, where they can log in and stay updated on their affiliate activities.

Within this portal, they can view the number of programs they’re participating in, track their referrals, see the total commissions earned, and check upcoming payout dates.

This comprehensive overview keeps them informed and engaged with their affiliate progress.

Referral tracking

affiliate portal referrals

In the referrals tracking section of the affiliate portal, affiliates have a clear and detailed view of their referral activity.

This area displays each referred customer, the associated app, and the status of the referral.

Affiliates can monitor their commission earnings, total revenue generated, and the duration of their association with each program, providing a transparent and comprehensive overview of their affiliate journey.


affiliate portal payouts

Within the payouts section of the affiliate’s portal, affiliates have the ability to monitor their financial rewards.

This segment provides a detailed record of earnings from successful referrals, the status of their commissions, and the schedule for upcoming payments.

Affiliates can also click on View details next to any payout entry to access in-depth information about their forthcoming earnings:

affiliate portal payouts details

It’s an essential tool for affiliates to manage and forecast their income from the program.

Claim a missing referral

To claim a missing referral, go to the Referrals section. There, you will find the option “Missing referrals? Claim them here.” Click on this link:

Claim a missing referral button

From there you can complete the form by specifying which customer you referred and the date of the referral:

Claim a missing referral modal

This request will be forwarded to the affiliate program owner, and you will receive an email notifying you of the decision regarding your request.

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