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Custom fields for plans

With custom fields, you can tailor plan data to your specific needs, enhancing management and decision-making. This feature allows you to add, modify, and utilize custom data points within your plans, providing flexibility in how you manage your offerings.

Whether you need to track promotional periods, or other unique attributes, custom fields empower you to optimize your plan management.

To create a custom plan field - navigate to Your App, select Plans, click on Custom fields. From there you can add a custom field by clicking Add custom field:

Custom plan field button

After that you can add and customize your custom plan field:

Create custom plan field

A common example is to highlight a recommended plan to customers. To do this, set the custom field name to “Recommended,” choose Type as checkbox (since it will be a boolean), and set the Default value to False.

This custom field will be available for all plans associated with your app, allowing you to adjust them in your plan settings:

Create custom plan field

Once set on your plans, this data will be available for retrieval via Mantle’s API.