Docs Reports Traffic sources

Traffic sources

This report provides a detailed breakdown of all the various sources that generate leads for your app, tracking their journey from the top to the bottom of your sales funnel.

Traffic source identification

This analysis provides a detailed breakdown of traffic by origin, such as direct, referral, search engines, and social media, and calculates the percentage share of each source. This allows users to pinpoint the most effective channels, optimizing marketing efforts based on actionable data.

User journey mapping

Visualize your customer’s journey through different stages of the engagement funnel—from viewing the listing to adding the app and eventually subscribing. This funnel visualization helps in mapping out the path taken by users, enhancing understanding of their interactions.

Comparative analysis

Monitor trends over time by comparing current data against previous periods to identify growth patterns or areas needing attention. This trend tracking provides insights into the temporal dynamics of user engagement. Evaluate critical events like app adds and installs to gain a clear understanding of user behavior and interaction, which can inform strategic decisions and operational adjustments.

Performance metrics

Measure the number of times your app listing has been viewed to understand initial interest levels. Track the frequency of ‘Add App’ clicks to assess how compelling your app appears to potential users. Analyze the conversion rate from interest to trial by monitoring app installations, and gauge long-term user commitment and potential revenue streams by tracking the number of subscriptions.