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The Transactions page on Mantle provides a centralized overview of all financial activities related to your customers’ subscriptions. This page is instrumental for businesses to track and manage the revenue flow, and understand customer payment behaviors.

Transactions page
  • Time filters: Refine your view to display transactions that occurred after or before specified dates, giving you control over the time period you wish to analyze.

  • Customer search: Quickly locate transactions by customer name or email, streamlining the process of account management and support.

  • Transaction types: Filter transactions by type, such as subscriptions, one-time payments, or other custom types defined within your business model.

  • Export functionality: Easily export transaction data for offline analysis or reporting purposes, ensuring you have access to your financial data wherever you need it.

Mantle’s Transactions page is an invaluable tool for comprehensive financial oversight, offering tailored insights into your revenue streams and customer transactions to support informed business decisions and effective account management.

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