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Plans with usage charges

Leveraging the capabilities of Usage events and Features in Mantle, you can design plans infused with sophisticated logic. Mantle can then seamlessly take charge of billing your merchants based on this logic.

Once you have Mantle Integrated set up, establishing a plan like this becomes a breeze.

Mantle’s detailed usage documentation outlines the steps to set up usage charges for your app’s plan:

  1. Usage events - The event data that monitors your merchant’s activity for which they’re billed.
  2. Usage metrics - The measure (either sum or count) used to gauge event data.
  3. Usage charges - The billing logic applied to your customers based on their chosen plan.

Example - Free plan with $1 per order after 100

Imagine offering a plan where merchants are billed $1 for every completed order, but you also want to provide an initial complimentary offer of 100 orders. You can set this up in a few simple steps.

Begin by transmitting usage event data specific to the customer in Mantle, either via Mantle’s UI or API.

sending usage events to Mantle

After associating the customer with the Usage event data, you’ll proceed to aggregate this data by creating a Usage metric for the event.

aggregating events with usage metrics

With Usage events and Usage metrics in place, crafting the logic for your plan is simple.

Navigate to the Plans section to explore your available plans and their features.

To cater to a plan that gifts 100 free orders, you can easily generate a feature named orders and assign a limit of 100 to it. Ensure you tick Track limit availability using a usage metric and allocate the Usage metric you established earlier.

example of a feature

Next, either modify an existing plan or formulate a new one, and then incorporate your Feature along with the Usage billing mechanism.

Having configured the Usage metric and features, all that’s left is to activate the orders feature and turn on Usage billing, establishing a charge of $1 for every order.

example plan with logic

Merchants opting for this plan will get 100 orders at no cost, and subsequently, they’ll be charged $1 for every succeeding order.