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Mantle’s discount management system offers precision and flexibility, enabling the crafting of promotions for a broad audience or specific segments.

The dashboard grants a streamlined perspective, allowing you to oversee your active discounts, the plans they correlate with, and the customer segments eligible to take advantage of them.

Creating discounts

Mantle makes setting up discounts a breeze, with ample room for personalization:

  • Title: Craft a compelling name for your discount that communicates its value.
  • Description: Clearly describe the discount, specifying who it’s for and why (e.g., ‘Enjoy 20% off, podcast fans!’).
  • Benefit: Determine the discount’s value, whether a fixed amount or percentage, along with its applicability—be it a one-off, limited-time, or permanent offer.
  • Availability: Designate the discount to broad or niche customer groups, enhancing marketing effectiveness.
  • Plan specificity: Assign the discount to specific subscription plans to encourage upgrades or reward loyalty.
  • Redemption limit: Set limits to the number of redemptions to maintain exclusivity.
  • Schedule: Establish a timeframe to create a sense of urgency or to coincide with special events.

Mantle enables you to craft discounts that resonate with your business strategy and deepen customer relationships.

Usage credits

Usage credits can be used to give customers a credit for usage charges or to give customers a free trial.

To issue a usage credit, simply go to the left sidebar, select Discounts, and then Usage credits. From there, click on Add usage credit:

Usage credits page

Next, create a Usage credit tailored for your chosen customer:

Create Usage credit

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