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Custom fields

Enhance your customer profiles with customizable fields. Integrate essential details using various data types—text, numerical values, checkboxes, or custom JSON.

Input custom fields manually to capture key information, then effortlessly retrieve this data through Mantle’s API, streamlining your customer insights process.

As an example, by adding a “customer score” custom field, you can systematically assign and measure scores for each customer, enriching your analytics and insight strategies with valuable performance data.

To add customer custom fields simply click on Customers, then Custom fields on the app navigation menu and click Add custom field:

add custom page

Choose the type of custom field you wish to create and input the relevant details:

create custom field

Now that you’ve added a custom field, you can use Mantle’s API to assign values to the Customer object for that field.

Once you’ve added a custom field and assigned values to it through the API, navigate to Customers and select a customer to see the value displayed:

View custom field

With custom fields for customers, you can tailor your customer data to meet your specific needs, unlocking powerful insights and enhancing your ability to make data-driven decisions.

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