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Managing your affiliate program

Welcome to the hub of your affiliate endeavors—your Mantle Affiliate program page. After crafting your program, this is where you’ll orchestrate everything:

affiliates dashboard
Affiliate invitationExtend invitations to potential affiliates.
Application oversightManage affiliate applications by approving or rejecting them.
Payout managementEffectively handle the generation of payouts.
Performance analyticsAnalyze affiliate performance, highlighting both high achievers and those lagging behind.
Customization toolsTailor the affiliate sign-up page to suit your program’s needs.
GroupsCategorize affiliates into distinct segments, each with their own set of tailored rules and parameters.
AssetsCreate and distribute marketing assets, such as Tweets, logos, and URLs, making them readily accessible to your affiliates.

Customize your sign up page

Mantle’s Affiliate sign-up link customizer allows you to create a personalized and branded experience for potential affiliates.

To personalize your signup page, simply head to your app’s affiliate program section and select Customize signup page:

affiliates sign up page customizer link

This will provide you with a range of options to tailor your signup page to your preferences:

affiliates sign up page customizer
  • Header image: Upload a branded image that resonates with your company’s aesthetic. You can set the width and add padding to ensure it fits perfectly within the page layout.

  • Dynamic content: Craft compelling titles and descriptions using dynamic placeholders. This ensures your messaging is consistent and relevant.

  • Adaptive commission display: The customizer can dynamically show the correct commission structure to your affiliates, whether it’s a lifetime commission or a fixed duration, based on your program’s rules.

  • Call-to-action customization: Choose the wording for your call to action, making it stand out and encouraging potential affiliates to take the next step.

  • Color schemes: Match the sign-up page to your brand’s color palette for a seamless visual experience. You can adjust the background and accent colors to ensure cohesion with your brand identity.

  • Preview and edit in real-time: Make changes and see them reflected immediately in the preview pane, allowing for quick edits and adjustments.

Adding affiliates to your program

Share your sign up page

After you’ve tailored your sign-up link to perfectly match your brand’s look and feel, you can effortlessly distribute it to your community. Simply navigate to your program page and click on the Share link button to start spreading the word.

affiliates sign up link

Manually add affiliates

If you prefer to manually add or import affiliates, simply navigate to the Affiliates tab in the navigation menu. This option provides a straightforward way to manage your affiliate entries directly.

manually add affiliates

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