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Segment integration

Combine your behavioral analytics with your financial data by connecting Mantle with Segment. By establishing this connection, you can send app activity and financial events to your Segment dashboard, giving you a detailed and organized view of interactions. Send a variety of events to Segment, including customer installations, uninstalls, reactivations, and subscription changes:

App ActivitiesCustomer installed app
Customer uninstalled app
Customer installation was deactivated/frozen
Customer installation was reactivated
Customer reviewed app
Subscription ActivitiesCustomer subscribed to a plan
Customer unsubscribed from a plan
Subscription frozen
Subscription unfrozen

Segment Configuration Steps

  1. Input the Write Key: Navigate to the “Write key” section and enter your unique Segment write key.
  2. Select Apps for Notifications: Choose the specific apps that will trigger the above notifications.
  3. Save Your Settings: Ensure you save your configurations to activate the Segment notifications.
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