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Configure notifications for near real-time updates on growth, revenue and operational events. Notifications can be sent directly to your preferred destination, whether it be webhooks or a Slack channel. Notifications are categorized into three main groups:

  1. Activity notifications: Events related to customer activity, such as new installs, uninstalls, reactivations, and Shopify App Store reviews.
  2. Subscription notifications: Events related to subscription changes, such as new subscibers, upgrades and cancelations.
  3. Other notifications: Events related to other activities, such as comments or uploaded files added to a customer’s timeline within Mantle.

Configuring notifications

Notifications are configured using notification rule sets. A rule set is a collection of rules which define what event(s) trigger a notification, as well as their destination. You can configure each rule set to send notifications to either Slack channels or webhooks. To create or edit a rule set, navigate to Settings -> Notifications and click either Add rule set or Edit on an existing rule set.

Notifications page Edit rule set

Supported destinations


Activity notificationsCustomer installed/uninstalled/reinstalled app
Shop deactivated/reactivated
Customer reviewed app
Approaching/updated capped usage limit
Usage charge exceeds limit
Subscription notificationsCustomer subscribed/unsubscribed to plan
Plan changes (upgrades, downgrades, resubscriptions)
Subscription frozen/unfrozen
Other notificationsComment added to customer timeline
Daily reports


Includes all activity and subscription notifications, as well as events related to Mantle Affiliates.

Affiliate notificationsAffiliate requested to join a program
Affiliate join request approved/denied
Affiliate joined a program
Affiliate referred a customer
Affiliate requested referral

When you’re ready to move on, add your Shopify App Store listing URL to sync additional information about your app from the Shopify App Store.