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Add missing apps to Mantle

By navigating to Apps in Mantle, you’ll see which of your apps were imported automatically, and from here will be able to infer which were not. During sync, Mantle retrieves all apps that have ever had real-money transactions associated with them, which means that at least one merchant has been billed and has already paid for your service.

Scenarios where your app might not be automatically imported include:

  • an instance of your app that has an exemption to bill exclusively outside of the Shopify Billing API,
  • a development app used for testing before merging your work to production.
  • an app that has yet to be approved by the Shopify App Store review process, or was just recently approved.

If you identify that any apps are missing and want to add them to Mantle, you can add them by clicking the Add app button in the top right corner. Provide the details requested, but pay specific attention to App ID and API Key. To gather these, go to the Overview page for the app in the Shopify Partner Dashboard.

The App ID can then be found in the URL of your browser:

add app to shopify

The API Key you’ll need is actually the Client ID in the Shopify Partner dashbaord, which should be displayed on the same page (please note, the client secret is not needed by Mantle).

partner's client id

When the credentials are provided, hit Save and allow the sync to occur. This can take anywhere between a few minutes and many hours, depending on the amount of data that needs to be retrieved, so check back later to see if the app has been successfully added.

add mantle to your app

Next, set up notifications in Mantle to stay informed with alerts on key updates and events relevant to your business.