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Connect your Stripe account

If you’re using Stripe to process payments for your app, you can connect your account with Mantle and it will automatically sync your revenue data. This will allow you to see all of your financial metrics in one place, whether it was billed via the Stripe API or the Shopify Billing API.

Create a restricted API key

To connect your Stripe account(s), you’ll first need to sign into Stripe and navigate to the API keys page of the developer portal. Here, you’ll want to create a new restricted key which you will provide to Mantle.

Create Stripe restricted key

For this use case, you’ll want to select Providing this key to another website.

Providing this key to another website

Enter the name (Mantle) and URL ( of the service using your new key, and ensure the “customize permissions for this key” box is checked.

Customize permissions for this key

Since you’re just going to be syncing data with Mantle, and not using Mantle to bill via Stripe (yet 😎), you’ll need just the following permissions:

  • Read all core resources
  • Read all billing resources
  • Read all orders resources
  • Read all issuing resources
  • Read tax

Create your key, and when prompted, copy the key and store it in a safe place. You can also add a note to remind yourself where you’re using this key.

Stripe key permissions

Add Stripe to your app’s settings

Once you’ve created your key and have stored it in a safe place, navigate to your app’s settings in Mantle and check the “this app uses an external billing provider” box. Then, paste your Stripe restricted key into the access token field. For now, can leave the publishable key field empty.

App settings Stripe key

Finally, save your settings and Mantle will automatically begin syncing your revenue data from Stripe.

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