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At Mantle, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of tools to empower app businesses, from operational aids to in-depth analytical instruments. Let’s delve into the comprehensive products designed to take your business to the next level.

Unified revenue & growth metrics

For businesses, understanding financial metrics is paramount. With Mantle, you get a dedicated suite of tools designed to not only track these metrics but to offer insights that can inform your business decisions.

Monitor the health of your app’s finances from a broad overview down to granular details. Mantle ensures that you’re never in the dark about your revenue streams and growth trajectories.

  • Grasp your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) based on the app billing cycle, allowing for accurate forecasting and strategy planning.
  • Analyze your trial conversion funnel, pinpointing where users drop off and where they convert, to optimize your user acquisition strategies.
  • Evaluate the performance of different subscription plans, ensuring you’re offering what your users truly want.
  • Track the sources of your payouts, ensuring transparency in your revenue streams, and anticipate when they’ll arrive for better financial planning.
  • App usage & event reporting: Track user interactions and events in your app with Mantle. Understand which features are most engaged with, refine your offerings, and enhance the user experience. This deep insight reveals user behavior, guiding your app’s future developments.
  • Access a comprehensive customer dashboard, which brings together data ranging from the app relationship to in-depth usage patterns. This holistic view enables you to serve your customers better and anticipate their needs.

Billing and subscription management

The often intricate world of billing and subscriptions gets a much-needed facelift with Mantle. Not only do we simplify integration with Shopify’s billing API, but we also put immense power into the hands of your team. The emphasis is on flexibility and empowerment without the need for constant developer intervention.

With Mantle’s SDKs and APIs, integrating with the Shopify billing API becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to the tedious integration processes and step into a streamlined experience.

Operational superpowers for your team

Once integrated, watch your team transform their operational capabilities:

  • Dynamic billing adjustments: Empower your team to modify billing as they see fit, all without the need to dive back into the code.
  • Craft timely discounts to incentivize user behavior.
  • Launch promotions - be it for targeted segments or a broader audience.
  • A/B test different plan types and tweak them in real-time to find the perfect fit for your audience.
  • Modular front-end displays: Set up your app’s front end once and retain the freedom to make modular changes anytime later. This dynamic setup ensures your app’s front end always reflects the latest offerings without additional developer efforts.
  • Effortless plan page creation: Make your app stand out with stunning plan pages. Mantle offers drop-in components that are designed with Polaris and Tailwind CSS for that sleek, professional look.

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