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Managing individual affiliates

In Mantle, you have the capability to manage your affiliates with ease. Simply click on an affiliate’s name to view detailed information, including their referrals, commissions, and other pertinent data.

This feature provides a comprehensive and accessible overview, ensuring you have all the insights you need at your fingertips for effective affiliate management.

manage specific affiliate

Individual affiliate program settings

To adjust where an affiliate fits within a group or to customize their earnings settings, simply navigate to the chosen affiliate’s profile.

Once there, locate the Programs section within the settings on the right-hand side and click on the relevant program:

affiliates program button affiliates program settings

Manual association of affiliates with customer referrals

While affiliates typically get associated with customer referrals automatically through their referral activities, there may be occasions where you need to make these associations manually.

In such cases, you can follow these steps to manually link affiliates with their respective customer referrals.

Navigate to Customers -> Select your customer:

associate affiliate button

Click Manage affiliates and select the affiliate you’d like to associate and the date they should be associated:

associate affiliate

Missing referral claims

If an affiliate submits a claim for a missing referral, a notification banner will appear on your affiliate program dashboard.

To review the claims, click on the Review claims button:

Review affiliates' claims button

From here you can examine your affiliates’ claims and decide whether to approve or deny them:

Review affiliates' claims page

If you approve, you will be asked to select the customer you’re associating the referral with:

Review claims modal

Once completed, Mantle will associate the relevant affiliate with that customer and automatically generate any applicable commissions.

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