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Active Installs

Active Installs are a useful metric for assessing the number of connections your app has with operational user environments like Shopify shops.

What are Active installs?

With Mantle, an active install means the app is installed on a Shopify shop that is currently active. This indicates the shop is open and not shut down. An active install doesn’t necessarily imply that the app is being used frequently; it may also mean the app is simply present on the shop’s platform.

To calculate active installs:

Active Installs = Number of Installations Where the Installing Property is Active

Why monitor Active Installs?

Monitoring Active Installs helps to:

  • Track app connections: Shows how many active shops have the app installed.
  • Assess market reach: Helps understand how widely the app is distributed among active shops.
  • Estimate potential engagement: Gives a starting point to gauge how much interaction might be possible.

Actions you can take based on Active Installs data

With information on active installs, you can:

  1. Examine connection strategies: Look into whether the connections are leading to user engagement and adjust your approach if needed.
  2. Engage inactive users: Identify shops where the app is installed but not actively used and initiate campaigns to boost usage.
  3. Focus resources effectively: Direct your efforts towards areas with many active installs to improve results.
  4. Use daily active use insights: Use daily usage data to get a clearer picture of user behavior and adapt your app features to encourage more regular use.
  • Installations: Total number of times the app has been installed.
  • Daily active use: Tracks daily interactions with the app, providing insights into actual usage.
  • Engagement levels: Differentiates between mere presence and active use of the app in active shops.

Understanding the number of active installs alongside actual daily usage helps Mantle tailor its strategies more effectively, aiming to boost user engagement and improve the app’s impact in the market.