Docs Reports


Mantle provides a variety of reports to help you understand your business’s performance and app metrics. With Mantle, you can get a better understanding of how your business is performing, and how your apps are contributing to your business’s success:

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)Understand how your MRR has been changing over time, and how it is distributed across your apps. Mantle will break down your MRR changes by components such as new, expansion, contraction, and churn.
RevenueUnderstand how your paid revenue is distributed across your apps, and identify how it has been changing over time.
SubscriptionsGet a better understanding of key subscription metrics like ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), LTV (Lifetime Value), and your overall subscriber count.
TrialsUnderstand how well your trials are converting to paid plans, and get a better view of which customers are converting or have converted.
FunnelGet a better understanding of how your app’s funnel is performing, from initial views of your listing on the Shopify App Store all the way through their customer journey.
ChurnGet a better look at various churn metrics such as (gross/net) revenue churn, subscriber churn, and logo churn.
RetentionUnderstand how well you are retaining your logos, subscribers, and revenue over time through cohort analysis and retention curves.
ActivityBreak down your app’s activity by key platform metrics like installs, and uninstalls, and get a look at your overall active install base.
Usage eventsGather insights into how your apps are being used and how usage is changing over time. Using Mantle Integrated you can go even further and understand how customer usage is related to revenue.
PayoutsGet better visibility into your payouts from Shopify, and understand how and why they are changing over time. Never be in the dark about when you’re getting paid again.
Uninstall reasonsGet a better understanding of why customers are churning, and how churn has changed over time. Discover why customers are uninstalling your apps.
PlansView your app’s top plans and see how they are performing with metrics like MRR and LTV, and see how subscriptions are distributed across plans.
CustomersView your top customers and how they are performing with metrics like MRR and LTV.

Ready to get started with Mantle Insight? Let’s start by taking a look at how we calculate your MRR.