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Trial conversions

This dashboard provides a holistic view of the user’s journey from free trial to paid subscription. It’s designed to gauge the effectiveness of trials, identify revenue trends, and forecast financial performance, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize conversion strategies.

trial conversions report

Trial conversion rate

A measure of the trial’s success in converting users to paying customers. This rate is a direct indicator of your trial’s appeal and the product’s market fit. Fluctuations can reveal the impact of marketing efforts or overall user satisfaction, serving as a guide for refining the trial experience and improving retention.

Converted trials

Recently converted trials’ data shows the actual revenue impact of successful trial conversions, highlighting the short-term financial benefits and effectiveness of recent conversion strategies. It can also reflect the immediate return on investment for marketing and product enhancements.

Canceled trials

This metric provides insight into the total lost subscription value both for both upcoming and past trials.

Currently in trial

By tracking potential revenue from ongoing trials, this metric offers immediate insight into your revenue growth. Peaks suggest effective acquisition, while valleys may prompt a review of trial outreach and engagement tactics.

Active trial retention

This forecast provides a proactive view of expected revenue from users nearing the end of their trial period, enabling resource planning for customer support and post-trial engagement. It is a valuable component for financial planning and ensuring readiness for future customer interactions.

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