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Navigate through your app’s dedicated dashboard to access a comprehensive array of tools tailored to your unique application. Dive into detailed analytics to gauge your business’s health, and utilize a suite of resources crafted to bolster your app’s success.


Manage your customer base and segment them for targeted analysis. Uncover behavior insights and opportunities for upsells to boost engagement and revenue.


Create or modify subscription plans with intuitive controls that ensure immediate updates across your app’s interface, offering a fluid experience for both you and your users.


Your app’s financial command center, allowing for quick monitoring and management of customer payments, subscriptions, and refunds, with convenient filtering for streamlined accounting and insights.

Usage events & metrics

Leverage Mantle’s API to monitor customer usage and funnel event data, offering a comprehensive understanding of app engagement and identifying opportunities for enhanced value.


Offer tailored discounts to your customers directly through Mantle. Implement strategic price reductions to incentivize engagement, drive sales, and reward loyalty, all with easy management from your dashboard.


Gain actionable insights from customer feedback on the Reviews page. Here you can monitor user satisfaction, analyze product praise and concerns, and gather data to refine your app’s features and user experience.