Primary customer dashboard

Your Customer page provides a comprehensive overview of your customers across all apps within your organization, offering a consolidated view distinct from the app-specific customer pages.

Tailor your customer management with filters and categorization based on criteria like subscription plans, billing cycles, and LTV.

Quick-select options for different customer statuses streamline your user base analysis, aiding in strategic decisions for upselling, churn reduction, and demographic assessments.

Customer insights

Customer insights page

The Customer insights page offers a dynamic, modular table setup, enabling in-depth, customizable analysis of your customers.

Tailor tables to display essential metrics such as:

Customer Lifetime Value

The total revenue a business can expect from a single customer account throughout the business relationship.

CLV metricsDescription
AverageThe mean value of the total net profit attributed to a customer over time.
TotalThe sum of all lifetime values from all customers.
MinimumThe lowest lifetime value recorded for an individual customer.
MaximumThe highest lifetime value recorded for an individual customer.

Average Monthly Revenue (AMR)

The average revenue that a company generates per month.

AMR metricsDescription
AverageThe mean revenue generated per month across all customers.
TotalThe sum of monthly revenue figures across all customers.
MinimumThe lowest amount of monthly revenue generated from a customer.
MaximumThe highest amount of monthly revenue generated from a customer.

Time to uninstall (TTU)

The duration between when a user installs an application and when they decide to uninstall it.

TTU metricsDescription
AverageThe average amount of time before a customer uninstalls the app.
TotalThe total sum of time accumulated from all uninstalls.
MinimumThe shortest time recorded before an uninstall.
MaximumThe longest time recorded before an uninstall.

Pivot tables

Utilize pivot tables to delve into customer segments, revealing nuanced insights into your business.

Pivot optionsDescription
AppSegment data by the specific app used.
App planOrganize data by the subscribed app plan.
App plan NameCategorize data based on the name of the app plan.
Shopify planFilter data by the type of Shopify plan.
PayingDivide data between paying and non-paying users.
TagsSort data by custom tags applied to users.
Review ratingBreak down data by the review ratings given.
IndustryGroup data by the industry classification of users.
CountryArrange data by the user’s country.
Uninstall reasonDetail data by the reasons users have uninstalled.

Traffic source

Insights into where your visitors come from, including the specific websites, the type of medium they used, and the search terms that brought them to your site.

Traffic source optionsDescription
SourceThe origin from which traffic originates.
MediumThe channel through which the traffic is delivered.
LanguageThe language settings of the traffic source.
Search termKeywords that users searched for to find the page.
Referrer siteThe website from which the traffic was referred.
Page typeThe category of the page that received the traffic.

Installation and uninstallation data

The dates users have installed and subsequently uninstalled an app.

Installation optionsDescription
Installed on
DayThe specific day the app was installed.
MonthThe month in which the app was installed.
YearThe year during which the app installation occurred.
Uninstallation optionsDescription
Uninstalled on
DayThe specific day the app was uninstalled.
MonthThe month in which the app was uninstalled.
YearThe year during which the app uninstallation occurred.

Custom fields

Enhance your customer profiles with customizable fields. Integrate essential details using various data types—text, numerical values, checkboxes, or custom JSON.

Input custom fields manually to capture key information, then effortlessly retrieve this data through Mantle’s API, streamlining your customer insights process.

For instance, by adding a “traffic source” custom field, you can systematically record and attribute the origin of each customer, enriching your analytics and insight strategies.

To add custom fields simply click on Customers, then Custom fields on the app navigation menu:

custom field page

Choose the type of custom field you wish to create and input the relevant details:

create custom field

Once you’ve added your custom field, navigate to Customers, select a customer and you’ll see the field as an attribute under Customer fields:

create custom field

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