Docs Why integrate with Mantle? Billing & feature gating

Billing & feature gating

Mantle simplifies billing and subscription flows for your app. Once set up, you’ll be able to manage billing - typically without the need for further development work. With Mantle’s billing integration, you can:

Modify or introduce plans with ease

Easily create or modify plans, and the changes will automatically reflect on your app’s front end. You can also offer free trials, metered billing, and more.

To integrate billing, see our guide here.

plans ui view

Offer discounts universally or for specific customers

Automatically offer discounts across the board or cater them to specific customers. This flexibility allows you to strategically incentivize purchases, reward loyal users, and reduce churn.

example of a discount

To integrate billing with discounts, see our guide here.

Display plans flexibly on your app’s front end

Integrate with Mantle once, then freely adjust your plans as needed. Any changes you make will automatically update on your app’s front end.

example of plans being surfaced in an app

To learn more about surfacing plans, see our guide here.

Plan-Based Feature Gating

Restrict or grant access to features based on the user’s chosen plan, or as overrides for individual customers. For CX, this means a more seamless experience, and for you, it means a more efficient way to manage feature access.

example of an upgrade required for plan

To learn more about feature gating, see our guide here.