Docs Why integrate with Mantle?

Why integrate with Mantle

Now that you have completed the no-code portion of setting up Mantle, maybe it’s a good time to take your app to the next level by integrating directly with Mantle. Integrating with Mantle will likely require some engineering resources, but the benefits are well worth the investment. Here are a few reasons why you should consider integrating with Mantle:

Deeper insights with the Shopify Admin API

By integrating directly with Mantle, you’ll be able to gather more information from Shopify than if you had only used the Shopify Partner API. Integrating with Mantle means that you’ll also be able to leverage the data and functionality of the Shopify Admin API, which will give you a more comprehensive view of your app - offering insights that are both deeper and broader.

Behavioral analytics with usage events

By sending usage events to Mantle, you’ll be able to identify trends and connect customer behavior with financial data. This isn’t just about raw data – it’s about understanding user interactions, predicting trends, and adapting proactively.

Enhanced billing capabilities

Streamline your billing process and plan management by integrating with Mantle. Gone are the days where you have to modify code or manually update rows of a database to manage plans. Create and modify plans, offer discounts, extend trials and more, all from the Mantle dashboard. Plans created in Mantle can even do metered billing using usage metrics, which are rule-based aggregates of usage events that you send to Mantle.

For more detailed instructions on integrating with Mantle, click here.