Docs Why integrate with Mantle? Enriching your app's data

Enriching your app’s data

Although Mantle will automatically import a vast amount of data from your Shopify Partner account, there are limitations in the breadth of the Partner API, which will inevitably lead to gaps in the data it can import. By integrating with the Mantle via its API, you’ll be able to access more data by connecting to the Shopify Admin API directly, which will allow us to give you an even more holistic view of your business.

Here are some key areas where the API can further enrich your data:

More detailed merchant data

If you’re keen on determining things like a merchant’s current Shopify plan or their geographic location, Shopify’s partner API falls short. But worry not, leveraging the Mantle API will provide you with a more comprehensive view of your merchant’s data.

Customer table

In order to access this data, you’ll need to send a request to Mantle’s identify endpoint and provide it with an access token for each of the merchants who have installed your app(s). This enables Mantle to access the Shopify Admin API and gather the data you need. You can use either the standard access token provided by Shopify during the authentication process, or you can request and send a delegate access token to maintain a finer level of control over the data Mantle can access.

For consistent data updates, you can also set up a cron job.


The Shopify Partner API does not contain details about initial trial length or if a merchant’s trial has been extended. Use the Mantle API to get a more complete picture of past and upcoming trials, as well as add the ability to extend trials and generate more accurate trial conversion reports.

Mantle trial conversions


Similar to trials, the Shopify Partner API does not provide details about discounts that may be applied to existing subscriptions. Using the Mantle API will allow you to access this data and provide a more comprehensive view of your app’s financials, such as MRR.

MRR graph

From here, dive deeper into integrating with Mantle by enabling more informed decision-making by sending usage events to Mantle. Usage events can help you identify trends and connect customer behavior with financial data, as well as enhance your app’s billing capabilities.