Usage events

Usage events not only shed light on user actions but also pave the way for a more personalized user journey.

Consider these app events a critical piece of a puzzle. While Mantle by default provides a broad picture, usage event data can help fill in the missing pieces, offering a comprehensive view of user behaviour. With this in mind, you can:

Identify user patterns

Discover common paths users take within your app. Understand which features are most popular and which might need more attention or improvement.

Spot issues early

If a particular event suddenly drops in frequency, it might indicate a UX problem or bug in that area of the app.

Enhance user retention

By understanding user behavior, tailor your app’s features or user interface to better match their needs, potentially increasing user engagement and retention.

Tailor marketing efforts

Knowing how users interact with your app can inform marketing campaigns, ensuring they are relevant and impactful.

Usage-based billing

With Mantle, you can leverage app events for flexible, usage-based billing. Charge users based on their actual app activity, ensuring transparency and building trust. This approach not only aligns with modern billing practices but can also make your app stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With Mantle’s ability to integrate these events seamlessly, you’re not just getting raw data. You’re gaining actionable insights, a deeper understanding of your users, and the tools to create a better app experience for them. Start feeding Mantle your app events and watch the transformative impact on your business strategy.

Sending your app’s usage events to Mantle is super simple - check out our guide on sending Usage events here.

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